Wonderfull late summer

Late the summer 2022 and early autumn saw me shooting with my new camera, the much updated Hasselblad X2D. I have loved my X1D mark ii, and have shot with it predominantly for the last two years both travelling, on the street, in my local nature, and for some weddings. The upgrades that the X2D implements are many, but the important ones for me is: 50 -> 102 mpx, no IBIS -> 5 axis, 7 stops IBIS, slow contrast autofocus -> faster phase detect autofocus, and the camera is just in all respects faster in operation than the old X1D mark ii.

I have shot a lot of images with the new camera during late summer and early autumn, partly for testing it out before deciding on which cameras I would bring for my two months of travelling in Nepal. You can see some of these “test” images here in this gallery.

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